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Cathy Nordstrom

AboutCathy Nordstrom

  • Artist:
  • Style:
    Digital design
  • Country:
    Lidingö , Sweden


Cathy lives with her husband and three children on an island just a few minutes from the city of Stockholm. Her house, on the edge of a nature reserve, is surrounded by woods. She lives in the heart of nature and, in return, draws it. Once a graphic designer, she felt the call to draw and decided to set up her own studio to devote herself to it. In her studio, a former warehouse that she renovated to give it soul, she creates beautiful patterns and prints influenced by Scandinavian designs. Her style is minimalist, her colour palette varies according to the project. Nature is omnipresent in each of her designs. She loves floral prints, design, architecture, fashion, interior design... Touching a fabric can make her heart beat faster. Piles of samples, arranged in piles of colours, litter the floor of her studio. Sonia Delaunay, Ruth Ansel, Märta Måås-Fjetterström, Astrid Sampe... are all artists whose work she admires. Each of her motifs blooms only once. Under her pencil, the drawing never stops reinventing itself. It is adorned with beautiful harmonies of colour.

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