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Chloé Lefeuvre

AboutChloé Lefeuvre

  • Artist:
    Textile designer
  • Style:
    Digital design
  • Country:
    Paris , France


Chloé Lefeuvre studied at the ESAA Duperré in Paris, then obtained her DSAA as a textile designer in Lyon. To escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities, she continued her journey to the Drôme, dropped her bags and set up her own studio. Since then, she devotes herself every day to her job, her passion for creating patterns and colourings for fashion and children's decoration. Style "I draw directly on a graphic tablet" she says, but likes that "you can feel the trace of the hand. She puts colour at the heart of her work because it is essential and fully participates in the rhythm of the drawing. Sources of inspiration There are many! Being a textile designer requires you to be in constant exploratory mode. Everything inspires her: an atmosphere of colours, the design of an object, a photo of fashion, architecture... Inspiration often comes from the association of two ideas or desires... Her creations are born from ricochets. A process that according to Chloé never stops!

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