M. FOX - Kid wallpaper / Forest and fox motifs

Reference: H0642_P Category: Papier peint (rouleau 10m)

Wallpapers have become a trend in recent years and are a great choice for children's rooms to bring their own style!

Nonwoven material has revolutionized the world of wallpaper. There is no need for a wallpaper table, the adhesive is applied directly to the wall. Easy to apply, it does not require any particular preparation and can be easily cut with a cutter.

Decorating children's rooms has never been so much fun!

Dim. 50 cm x 10 m
LILIPINSO Exclusive Collection.

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Printed on non-woven paper. Roll size: 50 cm x 10 m.

When it comes to wallpaper, remember to calculate your needs carefully!

The calculation of the number of rolls depends on the type of wallpaper chosen and whether it is a straight or drop match, i.e. when the patterns overlap from one sheet to the other.

Straight match wallpaper is generally a wallpaper where the patterns must be placed at the same height. If the straight match is not respected, the patterns will be abnormally displaced. A straight match of 50 cm, for example, means that there is 50 cm between the patterns of two strips to be matched. Pattern repeat face to face every 50 cm.

Example / Calculation with a straight match

For a wall measuring 6 m long and 2.5 m high, using 50 cm rolls of straight match wallpaper with a roll width of 50 cm:
1) Calculate the number of strips: 6 ÷ 0.5 = 12, so you will need 12 strips.
2) Calculate the length of wallpaper required: 12 strips x 2.5 m high = 30 m.
3) Consider + 10% for the cuts: 30 + (30 x 0.1) = 33 m.
4) Calculate the number of rolls: 33 ÷ 10 = 3.3. You will need 4 rolls.

The rolls are produced on request to ensure consistency of colour and pattern. We assign a bath number to each production lot to avoid discrepancies. Even small differences between the two printing runs can be seen once the wallpaper has been applied to the wall. We always recommend including 10% more than calculated and depending on the wallpaper match.

M. FOX - Kid wallpaper / Forest and fox motifs

Expédition sous 2 à 3 semaines RÉFÉRENCE : H0642_P

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